What do election officers do?

Election officers set up the precinct for the election including making sure equipment is operating properly and signage is put in place. On Election Day, they check in voters, distribute ballots, and provide general assistance. At the end of Election Day, officers will tabulate report results, complete critical paperwork, and clean up the polling place. Some duties include:

  • Arrive at your polling place at 5 a.m.
  • Help prepare the polling place for voting.
  • Assist processing/checking in registered voters.
  • Demonstrate the voting equipment if needed.
  • Help close the polling place, tally results and complete some light paperwork.

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1. What do election officers do?
2. How long do I work on Election Day?
3. Where will I be working?
4. How do I vote if I’m not working at my “home” precinct?
5. I want to work early voting. How do I do that?
6. Will there be training?
7. Will I be paid?