How will the AWS campuses impact traffic?

Parcels were considered for the TOD which had ample capacity on the surrounding transportation network. Based on these capacities, traffic impacts should be minimal. However, we're still planning to collaborate with the Amazon to minimize traffic disruptions when construction begins. Our priority is to integrate the project thoughtfully into the existing infrastructure and reduce construction congestion. 

When identifying areas for the TOD, roads were a major consideration. For example, one nearby road is currently only at 13% of its capacity during its peak hours. Though the roads have capacity to handle more cars, we are working with Amazon to divert construction traffic to minimize the impact.

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1. Why is the County so interested in technological development?
2. What's the benefit of the AWS campuses to the community?
3. How much revenue will the AWS campuses be annually for the county?
4. What will the AWS data center tax revenue be used for?
5. How far will the data center locations be from residential properties?
6. Where are the AWS campuses going to be located?
7. What is the definition of the TOD?
8. Was public input considered in the development of the TOD?
9. How will this be different from the Northern Virginia data centers?
10. Will the AWS campuses change the rural character of the county?
11. Why did the County utilize the TOD instead of a typical conditional use permitting/rezoning process?
12. I read about all the noise pollution associated with data centers. How are we going to handle that?
13. How will the AWS campuses impact traffic?
14. How many employees are associated with the AWS campuses?
15. When is construction going to start?
16. How will you mitigate impacts during construction?
17. How long is the build out for the AWS campuses?
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20. What are the specifics about the infrastructure for the AWS campuses?
21. Where is the raw water for the data centers coming from?
22. When did discussions with Amazon begin?
23. Will there be articulation with the school's CTE program? Cyber security?
24. How much is the county contributing to the cost of infrastructure related to the AWS campuses?
25. Will there be improvements to the grid related to the AWS campuses?
26. How much taxpayer funding is going to the payments to Amazon?
27. What's the breakdown of state vs local rebates?
28. Are any new roads being contemplated for the AWS campuses?
29. Who will provide the electrical service for the AWS campuses?
30. Is there historical significance related to the Lake Anna Technology Campus site?