Does anyone check the Assessor’s work?

Yes. Virginia Department of Taxation requires sales ratio studies for accounting of market and equalization in assessments. They use mathematical formulas to further validate our assessment department and analysis.

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1. Where can I view my assessment value?
2. Why does the County assess the value of my property?
3. Is there underlying law that dictates how assessment values are computed?
4. How are market values determined?
5. Is every property in the County physically assessed on an annual basis?
6. If my property isn’t physically assessed every year, then how do I get an updated assessment every year?
7. Higher assessments mean higher taxes, don’t they?
8. I don’t agree with my property assessment. What can I do?
9. What’s the relationship between the Assessor’s Office and the Board of Supervisors?
10. Does anyone check the Assessor’s work?