What types of records can be requested under the Virginia FOIA?

All writings and recordings of letters, words, numbers, or their equivalents, made by handwriting, typing, printing, photostating, photography, magnetic impulse, optical or magneto-optical form, mechanical or electronic recording, or any other form of data compilation, no matter how they are stored or how they look, that were made by, belong to, or are in the possession of a public body or its officers, employees, or agents in the course of public business. (Va. Code Ann. § 2.2-3701)

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1. What is the Virginia Freedom of Information Act?
2. What is the purpose of the Virginia FOIA?
3. Who does the Virginia FOIA apply to?
4. The Virginia FOIA has either limited applicability or does not apply to:
5. What types of records can be requested under the Virginia FOIA?
6. What if I only want a question answered, not records?
7. What if I want a document created?
8. How can I make a request to Louisa County for public records under the Virginia FOIA?
9. Is there a fee for requesting public records under the Virginia FOIA?
10. When does my request expire?
11. What is the timeframe for public bodies to respond to FOIA requests?
12. Can public bodies deny or redact certain information from FOIA requests?
13. How can I appeal a denial of a FOIA request?
14. Can I remain anonymous when making a FOIA request in Virginia?
15. Are there any additional resources available to help me understand and navigate the Virginia FOIA?
16. Who is the FOIA officer for Louisa County?