Fire & EMS Work Performance Evaluation

All applicants will need to be able to pass the Physical Ability Test shown below.

This video will give details on the Louisa Physical Ability Test

You will be provided with a 40lb weighted vest, helmet, and gloves to be worn throughout the testing. You must wear closed toe shoes for safety.

 Any unsafe act or operation during the testing will constitute an immediate failure.  The candidate shall not run during any portion of the testing process. The inability to complete any portion of the testing process will constitute an immediate failure. Stopping during any of the process other then to adjust grip during the victim rescue will constitute failure.

Forcible Entry: The candidate will strike an inflated tire with the blunt end of a flathead axe until the tire reaches the wall.

                Fail Points: Inability to control axe.

Ladder Climb: The candidate will climb a prepositioned secured ladder until the top rung is reached and then descend the ladder.

        Fail Points: Running up or down the ladder, failure to reach the top of the ladder.

Ladder Extend: The candidate will completely extend a secured 24-foot ladder and lower it back down.

        Fail Points: losing control of the ladder while extending or retracting, letting the rope slide through your hands when retracting the ladder, and not fully extending the ladder.

Ladder Raise: The candidate will raise a secured 24-foot extension ladder until it reaches the building.

        Fail Points: Losing control of the ladder or failure to raise the ladder completely.

Ascending Stairs: Carrying a weighted bag the candidate will walk up the stairs to the fourth-floor landing without skipping steps or using handrails.

        Fail Points: Running, skipping steps, using handrails, dragging/dropping weighted bag.

Stair chair carry/ barrier climb: From the fourth floor the candidate will carry a stair chair down to the third floor over the barrier then back up to the fourth floor.

        Note: Both you and the stair chair must go overtop of the barrier.

        Fail Points: Running, skipping steps, dragging/dropping stair chair.

Descending Stairs: The candidate will pick up the weighted bag from the fourth-floor landing and descend the stairs to ground level. The weighted bag shall be placed in its original position.

        Fail Points: Running, skipping steps, using rails, dragging/dropping weighted bag.

Equipment Carry: Proceed to the rear of the building and pick up either the two water extinguishers or the exhaust fan, carry them fifty feet to the designated location then pick up the other piece or pieces of equipment and carry them back.

        Fail Points: Dragging or dropping equipment

Fire Hose Advancement: The candidate will walk while pulling a charged fire hose fifty feet to the designated location. Then crouch down and simulate retracting the fire hose by pulling fifty more feet of charged fire hose to them.

Note: when simulating retracting the fire hose you shall stop when the coupling reaches the fifty feet mark.

        Fail Points:  Inability to advance the hose line completely either when walking or by hand.

Victim Rescue: The candidate will drag a mannequin fifty feet to a designated location. The candidate may stop once for no more then five seconds to adjust their grip while completing this event.

        Note: This event is complete when the mannequin’s feet cross the fifty feet line.

        Fail Points: Stopping more than once and/or for more than five seconds, Dropping the victim.

Manual Dexterity: The candidate will assemble four various sized nuts and bolts. The nut must be threaded onto the bolt until the tip of the bolt extends past the nut.

        Fail Points: The inability to correctly assemble all nuts and bolts.

A proctor will be with you to guide and evaluate your performance. Please ask them any questions you may have, ensure you are clear on all aspects of the testing process prior to starting.