Program Locations

Louisa County Parks and Recreation utilizes county government properties, county school facilities, and privately owned facilities/buildings for its programs. Please review the following list if you are unsure of where a class is located. Find the location of your event at

BBP=Buckner Bumpass Park

70 Buckner Bumpass Park Road, Bumpass

BQC=Betty Queen Center
522 Industrial Drive, Louisa

BQCFS=Betty Queen Center Fitness Studio
Behind Betty Queen Center
Across From Louisa County Aquatic Facility

CGM=Cars, Guitars & More
4471A Davis Highway, Louisa

HB=Henson Building
103 West Street, Louisa

HF@SM=Heritage Farm at Sargeant Museum
214 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa

JES=Jouett Elementary School
315 Jouett School Road, Mineral

LAC=Louisa Arts Center
212 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa

LCAB=Louisa County Administrative Building
1 Woolfolk Avenue, Louisa

LCAF=Louisa County Aquatic Facility
530 Industrial Drive, Louisa

LCBP=Louisa County Bark Park
1856 New Bridge Road, Mineral

LCHS=Louisa County High School
757 Davis Highway, Mineral

LCHS Old Track=Old Track on the side of
Louia County High School

LCMS=Louisa County Middle School
1009 Davis Highway, Mineral

LCRS=Louisa County Rescue Squad
83 Rescue Lane, Louisa

LFR=Louisa Firing Range
located on Range Road (State Route 730) Louisa

LTP=Louisa Town Park
108 Meadow Avenue, Louisa

METAL=Metal Gym 
behind Louisa County Middle School

MH@SM=Michie House at Sargeant Museum
214 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa

MNES=Moss Nuckols Elementary School
2055 Courthouse Road, Louisa

MSTC=Tennis Courts
Behind Louisa County Middle School

PA2000=Performing Arts 2000
310 West Main Street, Louisa

SDCR=Sheriff Department Conference Room
101 Woolfolk Avenue, Louisa

SM=Sargeant Museum
214 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa

TANYARD=Tanyard Golf Course
404 East Main Street, Louisa

TES=Trevilians Elementary School
2035 Spotswood Trail, Louisa

TCTES=Tennis Courts
Behind Trevilians Elementary School

TJES=Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
1782 Jefferson Highway, Louisa

Track inside LCHS Stadium

WALT=Walton Park
200 East Sixth Street, Mineral