Public Meeting Portal

Public input is an important piece in the decision-making process of Louisa County officials. 

Public Comment Periods

The Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission reserve time at regular meetings for members of the public to address the Board/Commission. If you plan to speak, you may fill out a card at the meeting with your information and then wait to be called, or you may pre-register prior to the meeting online. Please note you will be given a set amount of time to speak and this is a time for you to provide your thoughts rather than for a discussion between you and the Board/Commission.

Comment by Email or Letter

You may submit a comment in writing to or 1 Woolfolk Ave, Suite 301, Louisa, VA 23093 (Atten: Deputy Clerk). Written comments received by 5pm of the meeting will be acknowledged and may be read into the record up to the three-minute mark at the Board’s discretion.

Public Hearings

Public hearings are typically scheduled last on a meeting's agenda. If you would like to speak at a public hearing, please hold comments during the general meeting's public comment period as the public hearing will have its own public comment period.

Questions for the Board of Supervisors 

Please contact your Supervisor directly if you have questions. Public comment periods are intended for the Board to listen, and questions are not typically addressed due to the meeting structure. 

Board of Supervisors & Planning Commission Meeting List

See a list of Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings below. Scroll down on the list for upcoming meetings and up to find past meetings. Click a meeting to view its materials including agenda, agenda packet and video (if applicable). You may also use the search tools below to quickly find meetings.