Narcotics Task Force


To serve and protect the interests of the Citizens of Louisa County it is necessary to constitute an organization of law enforcement officers with multi-jurisdictional authority dedicated to effectively and efficiently investigate and prosecute illegal drug activity. The Louisa County Narcotics Task Force was organized in 1988, with investigators from the Louisa County Sheriff's Office and the Virginia State Police.

Program Goals

In furtherance of this mission, the Louisa County Narcotics Task Force has been created with the stated goals of intercepting and preventing all drug trafficking activities throughout the County; impeding all drug related activities within the County; and identifying and prosecuting all individuals engaged in drug related activities through the use of coordinated police efforts, undercover operations and modern surveillance techniques. These efforts shall serve to decrease the availability of illegal drugs in areas policed by the Task Force; to deter drug trafficking and illegal narcotics by increasing the risk of detection, apprehension, prosecution and conviction of individuals; to decrease the profitability of drug trafficking by seizing and forfeiting illegally obtained assets, and to provide educational platforms for participating agency personnel, local school systems and other community based organizations.

The Louisa County Narcotics Task Force will seek to accomplish these goals by targeting street, mid and major level drug dealers and traffickers. Policing efforts will include combined cooperation with local, state and federal drug enforcement officers. The area of operation for the Task Force is the boundaries of the County of Louisa and any member officer acting on behalf of the Task Force is authorized to perform related policing activities anywhere within the County.