Mission Statement

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Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Mission Statement

Pride, Integrity, Professionalism

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to ensuring public safety and enhancing the quality of community life, by enforcing the law in a  manner consistent with the rights of all.  We are committed to the values of integrity, fairness and loyalty in our interaction with both the community and officers who serve it.  All people will be treated fairly and with dignity and respect at all times. We recognize the need for change when necessary and to remain progressive by developing innovative programs aimed at achieving excellence in public safety.

Sheriff Donald A. Lowe

Brown Line

Sheriff's Office Functions

  • The Sheriff, full time deputies and detectives, part time deputies, auxiliary sheriff's deputies, Emergency Communications Officers, and administrative personnel all work together to answer various calls for services throughout Louisa County.
  • Supervises the County's enhanced 911 system, which dispatches deputies, other police agencies, fire and rescue units 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Responsible for enforcement of criminal and traffic laws and various county ordinances.
  • Responsible for courtroom security of the Louisa Circuit Court, Louisa General District Court, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.
  • Service and execution of criminal warrants, civil warrants, subpoenas, detention orders, writs, garnishments, travel orders for prisoner transports, and any other documents or orders as may be issued by the various Courts.
  • Responds to traffic accidents, alarms, and other situations that may involve citizen safety and protection of property.
  • Provides, equips, and maintains a Special Response Team (SRT) to support with any high risk operations that require special skills and are out of the scope of normal patrol or investigative functions. The unit conducts operations for high-risk search warrants, felony arrest warrants on known dangerous subjects, operations in large drug trafficking areas, and barricaded subject or hostage incidents.
  • Maintains a Marine Patrol Unit to provide additional security through police presence and support law enforcement responsibilities to citizens living near or utilizing areas with water access.
  • Provides a full time officer to participate in Joint Task Force to specialize in combined investigation and enforcement of drug related activities in Louisa and surrounding jurisdictions
  • Assigns School Resource Officer(s) and Learn and Win Program (LAW) Officer(s) to public schools to provide additional security, drug awareness education, and develop positive relationships with youth of Louisa County.
  • Responds to citizen requests for services that are not law enforcement related.
  • Participates in numerous crime prevention and public awareness/education programs such as LAW, Breakfast Buddies and Neighborhood Watch.
  • Provides a Certified Firearms Instructor who assists in ensuring that citizens who apply for concealed weapons permits receive proper training in handling and use of firearms, as mandated by law.
  • Maintains certified canine units who respond to law enforcement calls for service and search/rescue missions as may be needed in Louisa County and surrounding jurisdictions which may request assistance.
  • Provides police-related dispatch and 911 functions to the Town of Louisa Police Department.
  • Responsible for dispatch and supervision of Animal Control Officers for Louisa County.
  • Provides an officer to be a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force which proactively investigates any Internet based crimes that may be committed concerning children within Louisa County.
  • Maintains a Gang Intelligence Unit within the department, which continually collects and distributes information received on gangs, gang members, and terrorists organizations that may be operating in Louisa County.
  • The Sheriff is responsible for county budget categories listed as follows:
    • Sheriff - Law Enforcement
    • Sheriff - Courts
    • Communication Center
    • Animal Control