Animal Shelter Volunteer Information



  • Cleaning cat and dog cages
  • Scooping cat litter boxes
  • Treating all animals humanely
  • Washing food and water dishes, litter boxes, and of course puppies and dogs
  • Walking puppies and dogs

Must Be

  • Dependable, come when you say you will
  • Mature 13 to 17 years old are welcome only on Saturdays with a parent or guardian willing to supervise
  • Over 18 years old
  • Understand the Shelter phone is for business use only
  • Willing to clean as directed
  • Willing to get along well with people in charge, other volunteers, and the public
  • Willing to understand the importance of spaying and neutering and responsible animal ownership
  • Willing to work hard while at the shelter

Must Not Be

  • Afraid of either dogs or cats
  • Afraid of getting dirty from the animals
  • Afraid of seeing injured or sick animals