Foster an Animal

Foster Care Programs

Foster for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month! We offer several foster programs that are flexible and work on your schedule. Some need a night out on the town, some need a few weeks to grow up! Let us know what you can do and we can match you with a pet!

Adoption Ambassador Program

This amazing program lets fosters help adopt out dogs. Using 'Adopt Me' vests, collars and leashes, fosters can take the dogs out on the town and find adopters for them!

Foster to Prosper

We want every animal brought to us to have a chance for a long and happy life. The Foster Care Program brings caring individuals and needy animals together, providing special care in a home setting until the animals are ready for adoption. Foster care allows young ones to grow and the sick and injured to heal. As a Foster to Prosper foster home, you can give these pets the extra TLC they need and get them ready to be adopted!

Animals eligible for foster care:

  • Very young kittens and puppies that are approved by the veterinarian and the kennel supervisor (typically less than 8 weeks)
  • Animals with a treatable illness, with reasonable intervention
  • Animals with a treatable injury, with reasonable time and treatment
  • Single raised kittens and puppies, when they can be added to an existing group of siblings with a mother to learn cat/dog behavior

Foster to Adopt

Want to make sure a pet is a good fit before committing? Foster first! You can take a dog or cat in to foster in your home, if it's a good fit and you want to adopt, just let us know and we will get everything finalized. If you need more time to decide we are very flexible and can work with you and provide tools and resources. If it's just not a good fit, give us a call and we can arrange bringing the pet back. 

If animal is in Foster to Adopt, adoption paperwork is not done until the animal is spayed/neutered.

Safety Net Foster

Sometimes families fall on hard times and need a little help getting on their feet. Safety Net Foster will help give them the time they need. When a family is displaced and can't take their pets with them, fosters with the program will provide a safe pets for these pets until their families are settled and they can take them back home.

Other Programs

We also have programs like Sleepovers, Doggie Day Out, Weekend Warriors, and more!

Animal Shelter - Foster Brochure

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