Affordable Housing Units (Fluvanna - Louisa Housing Foundation) 

Project Summary:

Per the Fluvanna - Louisa Housing Foundation (FLHF): "FLHF will construct 25 affordable housing units on this property donated by the Louisa County Industrial Development Authority and the Cooke Foundation.

The Louisa County complex will include 16 one-bedroom housing units for Senior Living and another 9 two-bedroom units for Essential Personnel Housing with a preference of housing local fire personnel, deputies, EMT, teachers, and county workers. All units will be designated for Louisa County residents or people working in the County but forced to live outside the county due to a lack of available housing options."

In this Phase ...

Approval for this project was made with the following local conditions:

  • Project Parcel. Parcel 42-4C will be permitted to construct a maximum of (twenty-five) 25 multifamily dwelling units.
  • Adjacent Parcel. The applicant will be permitted to use and install utility easements, stormwater management areas, and access points on the adjacent parcel 42-4D with permission from the Resource Council (current owner). The Resource Council will be provided with a copy of the site plan by the applicant during the site plan review process for comment.
  • Requirements. The Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation (FLHF) will provide affordable housing per the requirements of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) agreements for HOME funding to Louisa County residents in need to include two (2) primary groups:

    • Seniors below (sixty) 60% Annual Medium Income (AMI).

    • Essential Workers, those working in critical jobs who cannot find housing in the area due to low availability and high rents – these workers will fall into necessary requirements per HUD restrictions, primarily under (eighty) 80% AMI. 

  • Rental Rates. FLHF, as property manager, will charge rental rates per the guidelines required by HUD and any other applicable entities involved. These have traditionally been (thirty) 30% of the renter’s income as opposed to the market rate rent.

  • Annual Reporting.

    • FLHF will report to the county on an annual basis the resident demographic income
      requirements and overall progress of the construction process and, thereafter, the occupancy rate of the site.

    • FLHF will report to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Regional Housing Partnership or successor regional programs on an annual basis the resident demographic income requirements and overall progress of the construction process and, thereafter, the occupancy rate of the site.

  • Accessibility and Maintenance. The project will provide affordable housing that is handicapped accessible and well maintained.

  • Collaboration. FLHF will work with the senior residents to provide access to local services and transportation by continuing to work closely with other agencies providing services, such as the Louisa County Resource Council, Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA), Monticello Area Community Action Agency (MACAA), and PACE.

  • Community Involvement. FLHF will seek out community partners for this project reaching out to organizations such as:

    • Louisa County Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program to educate students on housing construction, development and site design, project management, landscape design.

    • Master Gardeners and local nurseries to provide assistance in landscape design,
      implementation, and maintenance with a desire to achieve a largely native planting landscape.

    • Local Businesses and individuals to contribute to the project.

  •  Project Site Plan Requirements. 

    • The project will follow all site plan and erosion and sediment control requirements of the Louisa County Land Development Regulations.

    • The project will provide a nature path for residents.

    • The project will provide a perimeter tree buffer of no less than 60 feet deep around the entire project.

    • Fireworks will not be permitted to be stored or used in the development.

    • Abandoned or inoperable vehicles will be removed from the property.

    • Basic maintenance of vehicles such as oil changes and brake changes will not be permitted on site.