Sign Permit

Instructions for Sign Permit

  1. Contact the Outdoor Advertising Agent with VDOT to obtain VDOT’s approval for the location of the sign. If not required, please have VDOT provide confirmation that no permit is required. 
  2. Complete the “Application for Sign Permit” (used for both zoning and building). 
  3. Submit to this office, the completed application as well as the following information: 
    1. Two sets of drawings of the proposed sign, to include dimensions, material and required details of construction, including loads, stress and anchors, as well as electrical information if illuminated.
    2. Wording for the sign 
    3. How the sign is to be mounted 
    4. Location of the sign on the property (drawn on the site plan (plat)) 
    5. Indicate the set backs from the property lines and any existing structures 
  4. Submit the above information to the Community Development Department for Review. Someone in the department will contact you if there are further questions or when your sign permit has been approved.

For more information, see our Instructions for Sign Permit document.