Modular Home


Per the modular home permit package:

Inspections are typically required to be completed in the following order: 


  1. Footing Inspection
  2. Piers / Blocking Inspection 


  1. Footing Inspection
  2. Foundation Inspection 

  3. Tie-Downs Inspection (can be combined with Piers/Blocking) (If off-frame modular, skip this inspection) 
    *** If required, Foundation Survey must be submitted and approved before moving forward *** 
  4. Marriage Wall Inspection 
  5. Waste Pipe Inspection 
  6. Skirting / Perimeter Foundation Inspection, if applicable (not usually required for off-frame modular homes) 
  7. Electrical Service Inspection 
  8. Landings / Porches Inspection (separate footing and framing must be called in prior to final inspection) 
    *** If required, Setback Certification or Final Survey must be submitted and approved before moving forward *** 
  9. Erosion & Sediment Control Final Inspection 
  10. Final Building Inspection (Operations Permit from the Health Department, if applicable, must be received by Community Development before final inspection) 

The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued following the approved/passed Final Building Inspection if ALL fees have been paid. We typically process this within 48 hours.

  1. How to Schedule an Inspection

    Inspections must be scheduled through the Community Development Center. In addition to calling to schedule an inspection, the County has a software program that allows contractors and owners to request inspections on-line as well as view inspection results. This service helps get inspections scheduled more quickly and without needing to reach us over the busy phones. For more information, log into the Building Department website.

  2. For Every Inspection

    Your laminated building permit shall be posted in plain view of the right-of-way and the approved set of plans shall be on site. 

If using a 3rd party inspector, the following conditions apply: