Public Input Registration

Note comments not related to public hearings will be heard in the meeting's general public comment period. Comments related to a public hearing will be heard during the public hearing. Please check the meeting agenda to see the order of events. 

Individual Speakers are given up to 3 minutes to address their remarks. Representatives of a group are given up to 5 minutes to address their remarks.

Review the Rules of Procedure before registering below.

Rules of Procedure 

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission, the conduct for public comment and public hearing is governed by the following rules:

  1. The Chair will explain the public presentation policy and will call on individuals who have signed a speaker card. Everyone who has signed a card will be permitted to speak during public comment, regardless of whether or not they are a Louisa County resident. At the conclusion of those presentations, other speakers MAY be permitted to speak, including non-Louisa County residents during a public hearing.
  2. Each speaker shall clearly state his or her name and actual voting district. Anyone not completing speaker registration in advance shall be required to complete a speaker card when done speaking. 

  3. Generally, there shall be a time limit for each individual speaker up to 3 minutes and 5 minutes for group representatives. The Chair, based on the number of citizens desiring to speak, may alter time limits. Passing or deferring time between speakers is not permitted.
  4. The Chair or Clerk will time the speakers and notify them of their limit.
  5. Any issue raised by the public which the Board/Planning Commission wishes to consider may be put on the agenda for the next Board/Planning Commission meeting by a majority vote. Under exceptional cases, the Board/Planning Commission by majority vote may put an item on the current agenda.
  6. Board/Planning Commission members shall not discuss issues raised by the public during their presentation except by consent of the Chair or if the majority of the Board/Planning Commission so desires.
  7. At all times, courtesy will be expected by all speakers and maintained by all persons in attendance. The order of the public hearing:
    • Applicant – up to 5 minutes to speak
    • Public Comment – up to 3 minutes to speak or 5 minutes for group representative, unless limited by the Chairman
    • Applicant rebuttal – up to 5 minutes
    • Close public hearing
    • Board/Planning Commission consideration, during which the Board/Planning Commission may pose questions to staff, other agency reps, or application if necessary

Public Input Registration

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