Lake Structure

Lake Structures Permit Application Instructions 

  • All areas of this packet must be completed; all forms and items required for submittal must be complete prior to application being accepted 
  • Permit may be submitted via postal, drop off or email to

Submittal Requirements Lake Structures


Required forms and submittals provided by applicant or applicant’s contractor: 

  • Deed/Recordation Receipt - if the property is not listed in the applicants’ name 
  • Plat of property - must include either an engineered plan or a drawn-to-scale plan showing building location and include the following elements: 
    • Location of proposed structure(s) 
    • Dimensions of proposed structure(s) 
    • Setback measurements for proposed structure(s) - if your proposed structure appears to be within 20 feet of the minimum setbacks, a foundation survey and/or setback certification will be required. Setbacks are measured from the closest point of the structure (including any attachments) to the closest point of the property line or assumed right-of-way. 
  • Building Plans - one complete set 
    • Scaled or fully dimensioned and shall bear the name, address, and contact information of the designer
    • Plans shall be deck-specific and only contain details, specs, etc. for that specific site; no generic, non-specific plans will be accepted 
    • Must include all attachments, decks, porches and overhangs 
  • State Contractor’s License (or Contractor License Exemption form in lieu of License) 
    • State Contractor’s License must include applicable trades 
  • Louisa County Business License 
    • Not required if submitting Contractor License Exemption affidavit 
  • Responsible Land Disturber’s Certificate 

Additional submittals that may be required: 

  • Pre-Engineered Product Specification Sheets – only required if using pre-engineered products in the project

Additional submittals required if project property is on Lake Anna Shoreline

  • Louisa County Shoreline Packet for Lake Structures (separate packet) 
    • If any portion of the project affects property owned by Dominion Power, approval will be needed. It is recommended that Dominion Power be made aware of your project prior to submission.

Download the PDF permit package for more information.

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