Demolition Permit Application Instructions

Permit Application Instructions

  • All areas of this permit packet must be completed; all forms and items required for submittal must be complete prior to application being accepted. 
  • Items required for permit submittal are identified below. 
  • Permit may be submitted via postal, drop off or email to

Submittal Requirements Demolition

Required forms and submittals provided by applicant or applicant’s contractor: 

  • Deed/Recordation Receipt - if the property is not listed in the applicants’ name 
  • Site Plan of Property - must include the following elements: 
    • The legal description of the property, i.e., address and tax map ID 
    • The location of all buildings or structures on the property in relation to the property lines 
    • The location of the building(s) or structure(s) to be demolished
  • State Contractor’s License (or Contractor License Exemption form in lieu of License) 
  • Louisa County Business License (not required if submitting Contractor License Exemption form)
  • Written release from all utility companies – must state that such utilities to the building or structures being demolished have been properly terminated. Note that utility companies includes: 
  • Copy of Certificate of Asbestos Inspection – required for structures constructed prior to January 1, 1985 
  • Copy of Written Notices to Owner(s) of Adjacent Properties - if applicable

Download the Permit Package below.

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