Apple Grove Solar Project 

Project Summary

Apple Grove Solar is a 15 MW-AC solar project which will connect to Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s grid through an existing distribution line. 

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In this Phase ...

In addition to all state and federal requirements, approval for this project was made with, but not limited to, the following local conditions:

  • Construction Traffic Control Plan
    • Traffic control methods, including, if applicable, lane closures, flagging procedures, directional and informational signage, and designated access points for deliveries and employee access
    • Designated delivery and parking areas
    • Designated routes for deliveries of equipment and materials on secondary roads to the property
    • Plans to direct employee traffic and delivery traffic to specific roadways to access the property to minimize conflicts with local traffic patterns
  • Construction Mitigation Plan
    • Dust control and mitigation, using water trucks, mulch, or similar methods
    • Smoke and burn mitigation and limits, such as containment or similar methods
    • Noise mitigation, such as the enforcement of hours of operation
    • Daily road monitoring and policing along Jefferson Highway (Route 33) and if used Apple Grove Road (Route 657) shall occur including the cleaning of roadways of soil and mud tracked onto these roads from construction-related traffic.
    • All wastewater (both black water and grey water) requires removal from project site and disposal in accordance with county rules and the Virginia Department of Health
  • Lighting shall be Dark Sky compliant.
  • Noise generated from construction of solar energy facilities shall comply with Louisa County Code, Chapter 51 Noise Ordinance.
  •  Construction and Deconstruction Hours. All site work shall be limited to Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 7:00am to 6:00pm only. All decommissioning work follow the same days and hours above.
  • Fiber Optic Contribution. Prior to commencing constructing the Applicant shall contribute $5,000 to the County's fiber optic network buildout to support broadband internet.
  • All solar panels will use anti-reflective technology.
  • Existing vegetation. The Applicant shall establish and/or maintain all vegetative areas illustrated and noted on the preliminary layout.
  • Buffers/setbacks and supplemental plantings. The Applicant is proposing per their legend:
    • An orange stripe, showing a minimum 100-foot buffer area within a minimum 150-fott setback plus supplemental plantings
    • A blue stripe, showing a minimum 200-foot buffer area within a minimum 300-foot setback plus supplemental plantings
    • A green stripe, showing preservation of existing vegetation and additional buffers/setbacks and supplemental planting areas, and a pollinator-friendly area
    • A black and white stripe with hexagonal patterns, showing natural vegetation regrowth and supplemental plantings of three staggered rows of 5-foot tall Green Giant Arborvitae
    • A black and white stripe with tick marked patterns is a 50-foot setback from wetlands
    • A black and white stripe with triangles, showing supplemental plantings with evergreen saplings, at a rate of 400 per acre
  • Existing Cemetery Protection and Access. The applicant shall keep all construction activity and material stockpiling at least 100 feet away from an existing private cemetery within the project and provide an access way for persons visiting the cemetery
  • No aspect of a solar facility shall exceed 25ft in height, not applying to the electrical distribution and transmission lines
  • Soil Stabilization. All disturbed areas shall immediately receive temporary or permanent seeding according to the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Hand Book. 
  • Stormwater Improvements. All approved stormwater improvements require inspections and approvals by either DEQ staff or a qualified professional engineer and licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia before commencing any other site work.
  • On-Site SWM & ESC Manager. The Applicant will provide an individual responsible for performing daily inspections of stormwater and erosion and sediment control practices and devices installed throughout construction except for weekends unless rain events occur. This individual will provide the County a weekly status report and coordinate with the County Erosion and Sediment inspector, Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality as necessary, to resolve any stormwater and erosion and sediment control issues that occur on site.
  • Project Liaison. The Operator shall designate at least one public liaison, publicize a toll-free phone number and email address for communication with the liaison during construction, and post it on a temporary sign at each access. The liaison shall be available in person and by phone during active construction hours and shall respond to any questions related to the Facility or Property within 24 hours. The liaison shall prepare a monthly report detailing any complaints, complaint date, resolution, and resolution date of any inquiries. The report shall go to the Zoning Administrator to the first business day of each month throughout the construction period and an additional six months following the issuance of the final occupancy permit or equivalent from the county for the facility.
  • Pile driving notice. The project owner or operator will notify the Louisa County Zoning Administrator and adjacent property owners 7 days prior to the start of any pile driving activity.
  • Any solids or hazardous waste carried onto the site during construction or, operation or decommissioning will be contained and managed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Project Contacts

We require a project liaison for each solar project. If you have a question or concern about this project, you may contact the Apple Grove Solar representative and/or Louisa County staff through the below.

Apple Grove Solar, LLC / Energix Renewables


Louisa County Contacts