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The Louisa County Sheriff's Office is proud to be partnering with the Public Safety Cadet Program, a new, national non-profit organization founded and managed by active and retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults, ages 14 and graduated from the 8th grade up to the age of 20 (until 21st birthday), for careers and leadership in the public safety profession. The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office sponsors the program as a service to the residents of Louisa County.

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What do Public Safety Cadets do?

Public Safety Cadets will benefit from a variety of activities, including:

  • Participating in local and out-of-state training conferences and field trips
  • Participating in the Public Safety Competitions
  • Assisting with law enforcement and public-safety-related activities such as traffic direction, parades, community events, crime prevention programs, and child fingerprinting
  • Other activities

The Cadet Program is a great way for youth to prepare for their chosen career field or help them decide if their interest is strong enough to lead them into a law enforcement or other public Safety career. 

The Law Enforcement Cadet Unit meets after school on Thursday afternoons from 3-5 p.m. and periodically on weekends for more expanded training. Cadets are encouraged to attend at least 75% of the meetings and participate in 4 hours per month of community service.  To learn more, go here or please call us at 540-967-1234

What are the requirements to become a Louisa County Public Safety Cadet?

Members must do the following:

  • Have completed the eighth grade and be between the ages of 14 and 21.
  • Be residents of Louisa County. (Note: Exceptions may be made for youth who live in a locality without a cadet program.)
  • Be of good moral character and personal habits.
  • Must not have a criminal record.
  • Be enrolled in high school with a "C" average or have already obtained a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Pass a background investigation.
  • Purchase some uniform items.
  • Have a signed Parental Agreement Waiver Form (Form available in related documents)

Applications may be submitted Online, or by Email, in person, or mailed:



Tap on the link below to submit online.





In Person/Mail

Public Safety Cadets

C/O Sgt Love

1 Woolfolk Ave, Suite 101

Louisa, VA  23093