Data Centers/IT


Louisa's capacity to accommodate large spaces and its proximity to urban centers make it a contender for a data center location. High-speed broadband is available at featured sites, and greater connectivity throughout the County is underway through an initiative to ensure all businesses and homes have high-speed internet access by 2025. 


  1. workforce-icon

    Diverse, capable workforce
  2. Employers have access to a regional workforce of more than 200,000 well-educated, technologically sophisticated, and extremely capable people who can meet a diverse range of recruitment needs. This workforce includes: 

    • A large and diverse pool of highly qualified graduates from several area colleges & universities, including the University of Virginia, one of the nation's leading public educational institutions.
    • A significant percentage of technologically sophisticated workers are able to adapt to employers' rapidly evolving needs.
    • An out commuting workforce of over 55%. These workers are readily attracted to job opportunities closer to home.