Shannon Hill Regional Business Park

  1. The Shannon Hill Regional Business Park (SHRBP) is located in Central Virginia approximately 25 miles from Charlottesville and 40 miles from Richmond. Charlottesville in home to the University of Virginia and Richmond is home to numerous universities, including Virginia Commonwealth University, both being major research universities. 

    The SHRBP is master planned to allow for very flexible site options. Parcel sizes within the SHRBP will be determined based on the specific size requirements of the end user. 

    The SHRBP can accommodate buildings sizes ranging from 30,000 sq. ft. up to 1,000,000+ sq. ft. 

    The SHRBP is located less than 1 mile from Interstate 64 (Exit 148 - Shannon Hill). Interstate 295 is 30 miles to the east and Interstate 81 is 60 miles to the west of the SHRBP.

    Master Plan
    USACE Wetlands Confirmation Memo
    Wetlands Delineation Maps Threatened & Endangered Species Memo
    TIA Chapter 527 Report
    Preliminary Geo-Tech Report
    Cultural Resources Database Memo
    Part 1 - 1A Cultural Resource Report
    Part 2 - 1A Cultural Resource Report
    Topo Map
    ALTA Boundary Survey
    Phase 1 Environmental Report - Part 1
    Phase 1 Environmental Report - Part 2
    Phase 1 Environmental Report - Part 3