North Anna Power Station Information

North Anna Nuclear Power Station

Operated by Dominion Energy, North Anna Power Station started construction in 1971 with the first of the two nuclear power units beginning production in 1978, and the second unit starting production in 1980.  The North Anna River was dammed up to form Lake Anna to provide both cooling water and a cooling lagoon for the power station.

The power station provides enough electricity for 450,000 homes and provides 900 jobs to the community.

Emergency Preparedness

Dominion Energy, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and the 5 local jurisdictions within 10-miles of the power station participate in multiple emergency preparedness drills every year with FEMA grading the response every 2 years.

The links below are more information for the public to learn and prepare in case of an emergency.

North Anna Safety and Emergency Preparedness Guide

North Anna Protective Action Zones and Evacuation Assembly Centers

Virginia Department of Emergency Management- Nuclear Safety