Cash Proffer Policy

Policy History

On January 16, 2007 the Louisa County Board of Supervisors voted to establish a voluntary cash proffer policy. Cash proffers are voluntary, as part of the rezoning process, setting a maximum amount that the County can accept. This policy sets a maximum cash proffer of $4,362 per lot for new subdivisions. The cash proffers will be accepted at the time of the building permit application. The maximum proffer amount is directly tied to capital improvements, included in the adopted Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This proffer policy is in compliance with the guidelines set forth in §15.2-2298 of the State Code of Virginia.


  • Maximum Cash proffer amount: $4,362
  • Cash Proffers Only Apply to: New subdivisions, as part of rezoning cases heard since January 16, 2007
  • Providing Cash Proffers: Voluntary
  • Collection of Cash Proffers: At the time of the building permit


A significant number of local governments now expect zoning applicants to proffer cash donations as part of a rezoning case (e.g., Albemarle, Goochland, Hanover, Orange). The purpose of the cash is to help the locality fund public infrastructure improvements such as schools, roads, etc.


The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the cash proffer policy on November 9, 2006. The Board of Supervisors adopted the cash proffer policy on January 16, 2007.

Legal Foundation

The Code of Virginia (§15.2-2298) allows for such policy in high growth areas of the Commonwealth (growth over 10%) such as Louisa County (as reported by the 2000 U.S. Census). By statute, such cash proffers must be voluntary.