Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Toolkit

The first question you may ask when you see this headline is, what do you mean by affordable? You could say that affordable means that you can afford it - it doesn't matter what your income is. In practice, however, affordable usually means it's affordable to a household making 80% or less of median income. In Louisa County the median household income is currently $61,600 for a household of 4. So if your household of four has a collective income no greater than $49,280, you are a good candidate for affordable housing.

Affordable also usually means not spending more than 30% of your income on housing. Just because you have an income below a certain amount does not mean your housing is affordable. The 30% figure is intended to try to account for all the other typical household costs - gas, day care, food, etc.

The Louisa County Affordable Housing Committee and Community Development Staff have teamed up to provide helpful tools to useful affordable housing resources in the Louisa area and across Virginia.