Range List

Escaped Cattle

We have over five hundred square miles of beautiful scenery that includes lush forest lands, bubbling streams, and rolling hills of family-owned farms. It is safe to say the majority of our county is agricultural. Whether farming crops or animals, we have miles and miles of some of the most beautiful farms you will ever see. 

We have met a lot of our local livestock. Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Emu, and Alpaca to name a few. Our farmers do their very best to keep their livestock safe inside the boundaries of their farm, but occasionally they make an escape due to fencing failing or broken by a tree down or just the occasional ornery bovine that wants an adventure. This is generally how we meet them, however, don’t be surprised to see our ACO's in their trucks snapping pictures of your adorable baby moos and wicked looking Emu.

Our job is to keep these animals safe and get them back to their people as quickly as possible when they go roaming. The fastest way for us to accomplish this is by keeping a list of our livestock owners. This list is not shared with anyone outside of the Sheriff’s Office and is strictly used to alert our farmers when and where their livestock may be on the loose.

We would like to make sure our livestock list is up to date so we can contact our owners when the bovine goes flouncing about. We will need your name, address, telephone number, and the type of livestock that you own. If you know you are already on our Range and Livestock list but would like to make sure your information is current, we will ask that you fill out the form each time you add another type of livestock, so we can ensure you are contacted if your critters take a notion to roam.

Many thanks to our farmers who keep us fed, clothed, and so much more!