Scam Alert


The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is warning the public of a phone scam that’s taking place in our area.  There has been a large volume of fraudulent calls that are allegedly coming from the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office saying there is a warrant out for your arrest for missing court or not showing up for Jury Duty.  Another tactic is that they say they are a sheriff’s deputy working in association with the Social Security Office, or they are calling about nonpayment of back taxes. THESE ARE ALL SCAMS! 

The Sheriff's Office does not solicit for funds over the phone under any circumstances!

Criminals are now able to use false or “spoofed” numbers to make it appear that the call is coming from a Sheriff’s Office phone number, or from the Courts.  The criminals will use names of officers currently employed by LCSO, or they will give you a false name.  The scammers contact potential victims utilizing a spoofed phone number pretending to be a Louisa County Sheriff’s Office deputy and uses the name of an actual LCSO deputy or detective. The victim is told that they either have a warrant for their arrest on a charge, or they have failed to appear for court and are subject to arrest. The scammer then solicits money from the victim, telling them they can take care of the matter by payment.  Scammers will then tell them to go to a bank and withdraw money to receive a pin to prove payment or provide checks, money orders or gift cards.  The scammers were also reported as stating that the victim must stay on the line and will not allow a call to the sheriff’s office or a call back, giving excuses that you must stay on the line to prevent your arrest if you are stopped by another officer. The caller will state that  “deputies are on the way” if the intended victim does not comply.

This is a scam!  These criminals are very professional sounding and may already have some personal details that trick you into believing them, due to the information about you. Information such as your employment status, professional affiliations, address and telephone number can be commonly found on websites, social media, data breaches, resumes or other paperwork that criminals have obtained to verify their false identity in this scam.  They will tell you to pay hundreds of dollars to avoid being arrested.  They will use high pressure tactics to create a sense of urgency and get you panicked by the way they talk to you.  THESE AGAIN ARE ALL SCAMS!  

Don't let your fear of being arrested cause you to make an error in judgement, discontinue the call and contact the Louisa County Sheriff's Office.  


The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is reminding the public that law enforcement agencies and court systems never call and solicit payment. The sheriff’s office also warns to never give your personal information over the phone and to hang up if you receive such calls.


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