Tournament Rules


Official 2021 LCSO Catfish Challenge Rules:

 1. All entrants are required to have a clear understanding of all “contest” rules and limits and to have        completed the application in its entirety before the tournament begins. 

2. At weigh-in, all fish to be weighed must be ALIVE. Only alive fish will be accepted for entry. Judge may open fish if necessary.

3.   Contestants must officially enter and register for the “Louisa Co. Sheriffs Office Catfish Challenge” prior to their fishing effort to be eligible. The “Louisa Co. Sheriffs Office Catfish Challenge” will be referred to as the “contest” in the official rules.

4.   The “contest” will run from 7:00 pm on Sept 18th 2021, until 7:00 am on Sept 19th, 2021.

5.   Entry fees for the “contest” will be $35.00 per person. (CASH)

6.   This is a combined weight of three catfish.  Only 3 fish per contestant may be weighed in.

7.   There will be three (3) places paid for the top three heaviest total Catfish weights. The number of persons entered into the contest x $35.00 divided by half, is the amount of prize money that pays for the first three places. The % per place will be 50-30-20.

8.   Entrants under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

9.   The starting time will be posted on the front of the entry form and will begin at High Point Marina. Fishing is only allowed during the posted time. Late entrants may enter the “contest” up until 8:00 pm, after that there will be no “contest” entrants.

10. All fishing must be done from inside the entrant’s boat. Fishing from docks, shorelines or wading is not permitted. All fish must be caught by rod & reel. No jugs, trot lines or limb lines permitted.

11. Fishing is not permitted within 50 yards of another entrant’s boat.

12. All fish eligible for the “contest” must be officially weighed and documented at High Point Marina by an official employee or representative of the Louisa Co. Sheriffs Office. The “contest” registration area is the only place to officially register any fish eligible for the contest. All fish will be weighed on Digital Scales.  In case of a tie, the angler will weigh 1 fish of the 3 catfish of their creel for a tie breaker

13. All catfish that are brought to the weigh-in, will be returned back to the angler that presented the fish at weigh-in.

14. All participants are to abide by state, federal and wildlife laws. No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs may be consumed during “contest” hours through the time you weigh your fish.

15. Competitors shall not leave the boat except in emergencies. Severe storms, nature calls, boat problems, etc. are deemed Emergencies. In case of boat breakdowns, you may ride back to the weigh-in site with anyone with your catch or you may be towed in by anyone as well.

16. All protests must be filed, in writing, prior to the completion of weigh-in. 

17. Boats, live wells, etc… Will be checked prior to the start of the “contest” by a Louisa Co. Sheriffs Office representative.

18. This contest will go forward in all weather related conditions with the exception of a hurricane presence.

19. Registration and forms will be received starting at 5:45 pm on the day of the “contest”. A designated area for registration will be located under the pavilion at High Point Marina. 

20. High Point Marina is not a Sponsor of this “contest”.