Get Crash Reports

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office has two ways to obtain a traffic crash report, you can still contact our office and obtain a copy through our records department or you can get one online.  

We have a new service, that in partnering with the Carfax-CrashDocs Program has streamlined the process for residents and visitors of Louisa County to obtain crash reports quicker and easier.  At the scene of the vehicle crash the deputy will hand each driver a card that will have the needed information to obtain their crash report from the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Carfax portal "CrashDocs.Org".

Sample of the CrashDocs card you will get from our deputies


After you get your card you can click on the banner at the bottom of the page and it will bring you to the portal as shown below. Input the information from your card and your email address if you would like and hit the search button to get your accident report online.  That’s all there is to it.  

Example of the LCSO Crashdocs PortalThis online report distribution is a free service to individuals (citizens) involved in crashes in Louisa County.  There will be a nominal fee for insurance companies obtaining a crash report through CrashDocs.Org.

Click the banner below and have the following required information available to obtain your crash report.

  • Last Name, Report Number, Date of Loss (Accident Date)

                   Takes you to the CrashDocs Portal Opens in new window