Dominion Energy Scam

Dominion Energy Scams Threatening to Disconnect Utilities during COVID-19 Crisis

From Dominion Energy Website:                 

Scammers & Personal Safety


Your phone rings. The caller ID says “Dominion Energy” and the caller says that because your account is behind, your power will be disconnected within the hour unless payment is provided immediately, over the phone, using a prepaid debit card.

Sound familiar? It’s a scam. Scams in the community and across the country are on the rise. Many have fallen victim to this scam, but neither you nor your friends or family have to be next.

Signs of potential scam activity include:

  • Aggressive threats to disconnect service (usually within an hour or less)
  • Insistence on immediate payment over the phone    
  • Request for a pre-paid debit card or credit card to be used for payment over the phone

You can protect yourself and your friends and family by remembering:

  • Never purchase a pre-paid card to avoid shut off— we will not insist on just one type of payment. You can pay in-person, online through your account, or at a designated payment center (all payment options available are listed here).   
  • Verify what you’re being told about your account.  Hang up and call us or you can sign into your online account to confirm whether or not a payment is due, not any other number given to you.    
    • NC & VA 866-366-4357         
    • NC gas 877-776-2427
    • OH 800-362-7557
    • SC 800-251-7234 
    • UT, WY, ID 800-323-5517        
    • WV 800-688-4673    
  • Collect information from the scammer, such as phone numbers or names, to help us and law enforcement track and spread the word to others.

Report suspicious calls, texts and email to us and local authorities to help prevent you or others from being another victim.


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Remember that we will never call, text or email you to request personal information such as your Social Security Number, credit card number, or bank account number. Scammers may be trying to take your identity, your money or both. 

Scammers may also visit you in person, asking for immediate payment, personal information, or requesting to enter your home.

If you are uncertain whether someone claiming to be a Dominion Energy employee actually works for the company, first request to see the employee’s photo identification card for verification. (All company employees carry a photo ID card.) Also look for vehicles clearly displaying our Dominion Energy logo.

Even then, never allow anyone in your house or apartment who claims to be a Dominion Energy representative unless you have scheduled an appointment or reported a problem.

  • When in doubt, protect yourself, and call us    
  • If your personal safety or security is threatened, call 911
  • For the latest scam alerts, tips, and information on how to report a scam, visit the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Stopper website.

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