Message from Sheriff Donnie Lowe

Sheriff Donald A. Lowe

May 2020: Statement from Sheriff Lowe about the Tragic Death of George Floyd

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with our nation in vigorously condemning the horrific and unlawful actions by law enforcement officers resulting in the tragic, unnecessary and untimely death of George Floyd. 

We have no room in our hearts and community for this type of crime and we will continue to demand that racism, police brutality and violence of any kind will not exist in our community.

I support a demand of action to prevent similar occurrences like this in our nation and strongly oppose any violence and criminal activity in our attempt to have our voices heard.  Keep the passion and get rid of the hate.

We need to stay united as we are truly blessed to have a community that supports our peaceful way of life; come together and communicate during our times of need as we are “Community Strong”.  

George Floyd has and will continue to make a difference and so shall we!

January 2020: Letter to Louisa County upon taking Office

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office has been protecting the citizens of Louisa County since 1742, with the mission of ensuring public safety and maintaining the quality of life. Though how we patrol, and the duties that we perform are much different than 278 years ago, our mission has stayed the same, ensuring public safety and maintaining the quality of life of our citizens.  

We are a full service sheriff’s office, with responsibilities that include responding to calls for service, proactively patrolling the county 24 hours a day, civil process, courthouse and courtroom security.  The members of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office are committed to serving the people of Louisa County with integrity and professionalism.  We constantly strive to work towards improving public safety and the law enforcement services we provide to the people of Louisa County, and to always be an integral part of our community.   

We partner with other community services, groups and agencies to create strategies that will improve the quality of life and public safety of our residents, businesses and visitors.   Through community outreach, we make available a multitude of programs and initiatives to the community that will provide resources and education to the residents of Louisa County. We also strive to create and maintain additional conduits to pass information back and forth between the sheriff’s office and the public. 

We remain committed to our values of integrity, fairness and loyalty in our interaction with both the community and officers who serve it.