Civil War Trails

Louisa CourthouseVirginia Civil War Trails

Civil War Trails, Inc.  is a non-profit initiative founded in 1994 offering more than 1,550 sites in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. More than 750 of their sites are being interpreted for the first time. More than 800 partners (state tourism office, DOTs, destination marketing organizations, chambers, businesses, museums, etc.) support and promote the program on a daily basis. Civil War Trails is governed by a board of directors from each state. They publish 15 map/guide brochures that are distributed directly to consumers and at state and local welcome centers, attractions, and amenities. 

Civil War Trails is a multi-state program that connects visitors with the great campaigns and lesser-known sites of the Civil War. Their signature signs and distinctive red bugle guides visitors as they follow in the footsteps of the generals, soldiers, citizens, and the enslaved who found themselves in the midst of this great struggle. 

Their guest-focused approach allows us to interpret — not commemorate or memorialize—the events, people, and places of the most pivotal time in our nation’s history. There’s always something new to see and do along the Trail, as our program continues to grow. We look forward to seeing you on the Trail!

To learn more, visit the Civil War Trails website here.

Civil War Trail Markers located in Louisa, Virginia: 
Stop #1: Louisa County Courthouse - Radiers Intercepted 
Located - 119 West Main Street Louisa, VA 23093

Stop #2: First Contact - A Considerable Fight 
Location - 832 St. Rt. 669 (Ellisville Drive) 

Stop #3: Clayton's Store - Sheridan's Camp
Location - 4501 St. rt. 669 (Ellisville Drive) 

Stop #4: Bibb's Crossroad - First Shots 
Location - 3093 Oakland Road Louisa, VA 23093

Stop #5: Netherland Tavern - Hampton's Head Quarters 
Located - 321 Oakland Road Louisa, VA 23093

Stop #6: Custer Rescued - An All Out Assault 
Custer's First Last Stand - A Living Triangle 
Location - 17561 Louisa Road Louisa, VA 23093 

Stop #7: Ogg Farm - Repulsed with Heavy Losses 
Location - 1393 South Spotswood Trail Louisa, VA 23093

Stop #8: Decisive Confederate Victory
Oakland Cemetery 
Location - Oakland Cemetery on West Street Louisa, VA 23093