Motor Unit

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Motor Unit by its mission, is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of the community, while maintaining the highest level of standards. The Motor Unit’s primary mission and goals are to provide  select enforcement of traffic laws throughout Louisa County, and in the specific areas reported by citizens or other deputies, as being areas where there are a high number of traffic violations.  

Motorcycles are highly maneuverable and their high acceleration response capabilities make them excellent tools in enforcing traffic laws.  For example, once a vehicle is detected on radar, a properly trained motor officer can turn the motorcycle around within a lane and a half (18 ft.) in order to stop the violator. This capability allows the motor unit to carry out his duties with less hindrance to traffic. In addition to looking extremely professional, the motor unit’s size can be used as an advantage if passing maneuvers are necessary. 

The Motor Unit also has other duties to perform such as community outreach presentations, education presentations, recruiting duties, funeral escorts, military escorts, dignitary escorts, static displays and parades.