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Virginia Workforce Connection

  • Virginia jobs searchable by city, county, region, or zip code.
  • Employment and labor market information.
  • Comprehensive job matching between job seekers and employers.

If you're looking for a job or thinking of changing careers, we can help. Our Virginia Workforce Centers offer self-service and staff assistance for:

  • Initial assessment of skill levels, aptitudes, abilities, and supportive service needs.
  • Employment statistics information, including information relating to local, regional, and national labor market areas, including:
  • Job vacancy listings in such labor market areas;
  • Information on job skills necessary to obtain the listed jobs; and
  • Information relating to local occupations in demand and the earnings and skill requirements for such occupations.
  • Information regarding filing claims for unemployment benefits.
  • Current information on the availability of supportive services, including childcare and transportation available in the local area, and referral to such services, as appropriate
  • Self-help job search and placement assistance.
  • Information and assistance in applying for welfare-to-work activities.
  • Access to core services and information about all programs of required partner agencies.
  • Staff assisted job search, job referral and placement assistance, including career counseling.
  • Determination of an individual's qualification for assistance for WIA Intensive Services
  • Information and assistance in applying for financial aid programs for education and training not funded under this Act.

Job seekers needing more assistance must meet eligibility guidelines.

Adult Program

To be eligible under the Adult program, individuals must be over 18, have the legal right to work in the United States, be registered for the selective service (male only) and meet income guidelines of 70% of the Lower Living Standard Income Level by Family Size.

Dislocated Worker Program

Dislocated workers are those workers who have lost their jobs through layoffs or plant closings and are eligible for unemployment benefits. Individuals who were self-employed, but are unemployed as a result of general economic conditions in the community or because of natural disasters are also eligible. Displaced homemakers can also be served through the Dislocated Worker Program.