Employer Services

Employers wishing to use the services available to them may contact any Workforce Center. The following services are available to employers.

  • Job Listings
  • Screening of Candidates
  • Comprehensive vocational evaluation and assessment for individuals seeking possible employment. Evaluations are used to identify academic achievement and aptitude, work skills, transferable skills and career interests. Employers can take advantage of computerized skills-based matching to identify potential candidates for their open positions using local, statewide, and nationwide job seeker databases. This service can be accessed in person or by telephone, e-mail, or the internet.
  • On-site Recruitment and Interviewing where employers can recruit on-site at the Workforce Center. Space is also available to conduct private interviews with applicants.
  • Testing Administration Workforce Center staff can administer tests and skills evaluation required for appropriate job placement, eliminating the need for the employer to purchase specialized software packages.
  • Job Analysis and Description Information on occupational profiles and training can assist employers in identifying workplace competencies to help them develop better job descriptions to fit their work environment. Vocational evaluators are available to provide employers with: assistance in developing or revising position descriptions, consultations for accessibility, and identifying and recommending reasonable accommodations for prospective and existing employees with disabilities.
  • Labor Market Information - Economic information covering the business picture and labor market is available and there is also information on the Unemployment Benefits and Tax System.
  • Follow-up Services - Follow-up services are offered to eligible clients after placement to assist in acclimation to the company's environment and requirements.
  • Recruit & Screen New Hires – Utilize VA Workforce Connect to post jobs and requirements, screen candidates based on your criteria and interview candidates at our sites.
  • Training – Hire from a local pool of trained / trainable clients