Social, Economic & Housing Characteristics


Population Annual Average Growth3.3%0.1%
Median Age45.338.8
18 Years and Over81.2%79.2%%
65 Years and Over20.6%16.3%
Race: White81%68.8%
Race: Black or African American14.9%20%
Race: American Indian and Alaska Native0.6%0.6%
Race: Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander0.1%0.1%
Race: Some Other Race2.7%3.4%
Race: Asian0.7%7.2%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)3.6%10.2%


Labor Force (population 16 years and over)61%67.4%
Median Household Income$67,027$60,316
Poverty Level (of all people)7.9%10.2%
Mean Commute Time (minutes)36.428.6


Total Housing Units17,9683,652,388
Owner-Occupied Housing Unit Rate, 2016-202079.3%66.7%
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units$234,700$282,800
Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs - with a mortgage, 2016-2020$1,389$1,822
Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs - without a mortgage 2016-2020$423$481
Median Gross Rent, 2016-2020$905$1,257


Educational Attainment: No High school Diploma (25 years and over)11.6%8.6%
Educational Attainment: High School Graduate (25 years and over)33.8%23.9%
Educational Attainment: Some College, No Degree (25 years and over)21.7%18%
Educational Attainment: Associate's Degree (25 years and over)7.7%7.7%
Educational Attainment: Bachelor's Degree (25 years and over)15.3%23.5%
Educational Attainment: Post Graduate Degree (25 years and over)9.8%18.3%
Disabled, Age 18 to 64 (Percent of Total Population)12.4%8%
Foreign Born3.9%12.6%